Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine + PTI

Happy Valentine's Day! Despite this how much I don't like how this day has became a Hallmark holiday, I still wish my boyfriend was in town. He did, however, send me a parcel last week for this day. It came in the mail on Wednesday and I told myself I had to wait until today to open it. (It felt a little but like waiting to open your presents on Christmas day.) He sent me some chocolates (mint! my favorite!), origami flowers (handmade by him), and a card. So sweet!! Thank you my dear!!!

So spending the day at home, I decided to finally upload some PTI challenges. Yup, another PTI entry post! In this post, I'm several challenges within one blog post (crazy, I know!). I've been creating just no time posting until now. 

Here's my Saturday Snail Mail challenge for this month's release:

The "thankful" is made of multiple layers of the die cut and the top layer is a gold foil cardstock. It's super shinny! It was kind of hard to take a picture of it without glare. I'm sending this one off to the PTI warehouse workers!


You can't really see it in the picture, but there are several mini gems on the card. The "Thanks" is also made of multiple layers of the die cut, giving the card some extra dimension. 

Oh man, I was so surprise how little time 5mins really was! I kept going back and forth between stamp sets and colors!!! Before I knew it, time was up and needed to start crafting! This was a hard challenge!

And last and not least, Day 2: Dress Up Inspiration:

I thought this was so much fun! The fabric inspired is the my summer teal dress (it's the fabric behind the card in the picture). Unfortunately, the closest teal PTI I could find was tropical teal; hawaiian shores was too light in color. The "thanks" is also made of multiple layers of die cuts. (I feel like that may be my "go to technique" for the time being... I think I did something similar on all my recent cards!) I put glossy accents all over the "thanks" to give it some 3D detailing. Lastly, I heat embossed "for all you do" in white. 

Oh man, that was a lot of cards!

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