Monday, December 7, 2015

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Wow, has it been soooo busy! It's December already and I have yet to do my gift list for friends and family. I'm not sure what I want to make yet. I made a TON of cards and little gift items for the craft shows; however, I don't want to give out those items... I feel like that would be cheating. I want to make something unique instead of just giving "inventory" as gifts. But on the other hand, I'm running out of creative juice here... this will be tough!

Nonetheless, I did get my self an early Christmas gift -  Furetake Fude Real Brush Pens!
I am super excited about these! Bought them on Amazon (free shipping - thanks to my boyfriend's Prime ;)) I've been watching videos and reading blogs from other crafters about watercoloring. Ashley got these over the summer and I played with them. I can't wait to put my new colors into action. 

The next item I'm also super excited about is the Hero Arts Milwaukee Heat Gun!
I wasn't intending to get this, even though I need a new heating tool for some time now. I have a cheap one that takes a while to heat up and it's starting to tarn/rust around the metal tip. Anyhow, my boyfriend recently asked me what I wanted for Christmas. Although there wasn't really anything specific that I wanted, I asked for this heat gun. I didn't think he would get it, but he did! He got it from Ellen Huston

There are a few new stamps I want to add to my stamping wish list:

1) Luna Animals from Mama Elephant 
These are so adorable! I've bought the Luna Extra set and Lucky Envelope die from Mama Elephant already. I'm looking forward to making my own 紅包 (red envelope) for Chinese New Year. Then, i saw Vera's red envelope with the critters; now I really want to get these critters too!

2) Oriental Orchid from Altenew
I love orchids! I started caring for two orchids this year. They were neglected and left to die, so I took them in. I have never had orchids before; this was quite the learning experience. The good news is, they're both growing strong and new roots/buds are coming in! I saw so excited to see these new stamps from Altenew. I'm not Korean, but I really like it when I can find good quality stamps in different languages, especially an Asian or sand-scripts languages. These stamps are definitely on my wish list! 

3) Autumn Foliage from The Ton
I think these are absolutely gorgeous and stunning. The layering ink really brings out the details of each leaf. These leaves can be used for any occasions and various flower stamps from different stamp companies. I think these would make great accents or background for any type of floral pattern. 

That's all for now. I'll keep you posted on the next three items on my stamping wish list on my next post!

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