Wednesday, February 10, 2016

PTI release Day 5: Sampler Square Challenge

This year is PTI's 9th anniversary and they're doing a bunch of cool challenges! I'm slowly catching up, starting with day 5. (I know, I still have day 1-4 to do, hahaha!)

PTI Challenge: Sampler Square Challenge:

Sorry for the lighting. I tried to take this photo in natural lighting but due to how the window is in the room, the color's a bit off. This picture turned out a little cooler in temperature than I expected. I'm excited to send this off to one of the missionaries that my church supports after getting everyone to sign it. I think they'd be very encouraged.


  1. Beautiful card...lovely scripture.

  2. I love this card! It will be a blessing to your missionary. Love the colors and that flower bouquet is gorgeous.