Saturday, April 6, 2013

special dress shopping

Later this afternoon, I'm going to go dress shopping with, my good friend, Kitty. We are looking for bridesmaid dresses. She's getting marry this summer. I'm so excited for her (and her soon-to-be-husband)! Kitty and I've been friends since we were kids. Our families met at church and have always kept in touch. Hopefully we'll have some good finds on this shopping trip!

I did some browsing online and found these from Nordstrom:
I need to find something that's comfortable to wear all day... weddings are fun but the day is very long and eventful. Looking for dresses reminds me of some note cards I've and in the past. 
These cards were fun to make. I felt like a little kid again, playing dress up... except instead on a Barbie or a doll, it's only on paper. I used scrap pieces from scrapbooking for all these paper dresses. 

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