Monday, November 16, 2015

Almost Advent

Wow, this past month has gone by way too fast! I've been busy with craft shows on weekends and school stuff during the week. There's no time to do anything else! (or so it seems...)

Being at craft shows and seeing other crafters doing holiday stuff has really inspired me to make an advent calendar. I've never used one before, let alone make one! Nonetheless, I thought this would be a good project on the side. And TA-DA:

 It's a 6"x6" cube; made with 24 matchboxes. Each drawer slide out for each day before Christmas. And, for Christmas day, there is an extra big box on the top for more goodies on that very day! Here's the "back" side:

Technically, there is no "front" or "back." This calendar will need to be rotated as the days go by. Here's what it looks like with the drawers pulled out and the top opened. Each matchbox is the same size; they are all a little over 3" deep.

If I'm up for it, maybe I'll make another one to sell at the craft show! :)


  1. That's amazing. Care to share how?

    1. Hi Karen! Sorry for the super late response. I saw this video on YouTube: and I was inspired. I made my own matchboxes from a die set from PTI (

  2. This is really good would love to make on.

  3. This is really good would love to make on.

  4. This is really good would like to make one.